Aerial Rig / A

Our bestseller in aerial rigs, its perfect for training in the garden, but also for performances.

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Brand: ProSHOWto
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Category: Aerial rig
Aerial Rig / A
Tip Made in CZ

Aerial rig A is a simple solution for training and performance of individuals and small groups.

  • Rig is compact, light, easily assemble and stable (there is no need to anchor in floor).
  • Height of the structure is 5.2 m, which is perfectly sufficient for most tricks in aerial acrobatics.
  • It is possible to hang on the rig without any problems: aerial silk / cloud / trapeze / aerial hoop / rope etc...
  • Rig is for one to two acrobats with a possible dynamic load downwards, not swinging.
  • Longest part is 1.2 m long and therefore it can be transported by car.
  • Aerial rig is development and manufactured in small family company from Czech Republic

 Warranty:  5 years
 Height:  2,7 - 5,2 m 
 WLL:   150 Kg (2 people)
 Assembly  without anchoring / 3 - 4 people
 Longest part  1,6m
 Use  Static training without swing
 Weight  50 - 120 kg


Dear customers, please note that the rig is made entirely on order. Its delivery time may therefore be different due to production load, unexpected events in production (illness, etc ...). Production is not a simple and it is mainly about your safety, we produce the construction with the maximum care. Thank you for your understanding.

ProSHOWto je jednou z obchodních značek firmy Vystrčil s.r.o. Značka zahrnuje stále se rozšiřující sortiment produktů určených převážně pro cirkusovou zájmovou, ale i profesionální činnost, avšak nevylučuje ani klasické sportovní využití.

Vývoj a test produktů výrobní značky ProSHOWto je prováděn ve spolupráci s profesionálním vedením, trenéry a artisty cirkusu LeGrando. Díky této spolupráci vznikají kvalitní produkty využitelné v širokém cirkusovém a sportovně-zábavném spektru.


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